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YOUR Style is my Style

"For our house is our corner of the world...It is our first universe, a real cosmos in every sense of the world." Gaston Bachelard, French Philosopher

Working on a project means to bring out the best of your home, to capture the spirit. It is fun to accompany my clients through all the different aspects their personal design world has to offer.

All I do is advisory work and give you an impulsive guidance designing your home. Giving you ideas helps create a personal note for your living. The result is as special as your handwriting. Looking at your homes is having the key to your soul. My priority is to make you feel at home when you return – wherever your home is.


That´s how we live

…and how do you live?
We live our way of life. And most important of all: we love our home!
Cherry picking all aspects of style: Romantic, pure, artwork, simple facts, timeless, cool, country, modern and a lot of books. We know that after all you cannot change your sofa as often as your shoes. That´s why we love design with longlasting impact and the general feeling of warmth and comfort.

Vita... never stop learning?!

For the last 20 years I have gained a lot of experience in the interior design world. Scouting for the latest trends, keeping an eye on the classical aspects and sometimes leaping ahead .

In 1988 I started studying Interior Design at the wellknown “Inchbald School of Design” in London. An internship at “Mulligan’s” in Cologne was the first chance to get involved in all the different aspects of dealing with an interior design project. In Germany, Rick Mulligan is a design celibrity who hosts his own decorating show on TV. Mulligan’s “Manhattan Style” was his unique creation of the late 80s.

I received my diploma in 1989 and my job hunting brought me to an interior design shop called “Altelier” in Düsseldorf run by the Interior Designer Ludger Gradel, who was very skilled in drawing and detailed planning of private homes, offices and exhibition design of very high standard.

In 1991 I had an offer from “Fielmann AG”, Hamburg to become a site inspector in the company’s own building department. In seven years I signed responsible für 60 shops, medical practices and restorations of listed buildings Fielmann bought in East Germany. These were formative experiences concerning all aspects of construction and building. My experience from the Inchblad School of Design to work under high pressure came to a perfect fulfilment.

In 1998 I started working on a freelance basis - mainly to refocus more on creative work. My projects led me among others to Great Britain, France, Cyprus and allover Germany.

I never stop learning, and I always hunt for new ideas and trends to inspire.